Edita Vilkeviciute shot by Hasse Nielsen for Scandinavia SSAW Magazine

Hi there, I'm back in the game here with a very inspirational story I found a few says ago while checking Models.com. This is exactly the type of pictures I really, really fall in love with. They are simple but the light makes "everything" and it gives that amazing result. I'd rather practice my photography skills and be back to it asap! Do you like this editorial? What's your type of perfect pictures? xx



(From right to left)
Zara pants - Cos scarf - Etoile by Isabel Marant sweater - Jo malone candle - Lee x Filles à Papa sweater 

Hello Walkers! How was your weekend? I'm back here with this new wishlist, what do you think? As always, I'm craving for these pieces!! Want them in my wardrobe, now! Sweater weather is my favourite, it's sooo comfy! This said, haven't you noticed something different over here? Watch the linkbar. Yeees I had the surprised earlier today, my cousin changed the domain name of my blog. It's stunning, right? I love it!! Well, it's a big step but not the only one. Things are growing here so stay tuned... xx



(Click on the pictures to see the source)

Hi girls! How are you doing after this soooo beautiful weekend? I nearly felt as it was the end of winter already...  But well, we all know that cold days, christmas and winter is just around the corner now. While I started my seek for a new wrap coat I spotted these inspirational outfits. I think light grey is a very nice option for a winter coat. We're all used to wear dark colors for this season so this just might be the perfect piece to lighten up our everyday outfits! These long coats are litteraly making me want to wrap myself into them! What are your favourite winter pieces? Let me know;) xx



Essentiel sweater - Topshop jeans - Adidas sneakers - Vintage sunnies - Sansoeurs necklace - Nixon watch

Hello there! As you might already have seen on Instagram, I felt for some new little beauties: a pair of Stan Smith! I just had a crush for their color! Well, this outfit is from last Sunday when I met my girlfriends for a yummy brunch! The sun was shining (maybe the last sunbeams before a big big while) so I just put my blue sweater and this pair of ripped jeans. Yep, you know me well, it's very comfy but it's working good, right?;) Hope you like it as much as I do! 
Have a nice weekend and I write you very soon! xx 

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(In order of appearance, from left to right) 
Alexander Wang - Stella McCartney - Chanel - Jérome Dreyfuss - 3.1 Phillip Lim - Rag & Bone - Sandro

Basics, that's a word I try to put in my head every time I buy new stuff for my wardrobe. It's been quiet a while since I want to invest in a new bag. And, wow, this is not easy. I mean, I'm seeking for the specific one I could wear everyday from morning to night, from weekends to workdays. So before hours and hours of search I put only one characteristic. I tried to stick to a color: black. Because we all know black goes with almost everything. Other questions are still on my mind, silver or gold ornaments? Small or shoulder?
What would be your perfect bag? Are you always faithful to the same brand? If you have any recommendations, I would love to read them!

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Levi's jacket (vintage) - Stradivarius shirt - H&M top - Sparlke&Fade leggings - Sansoeurs Lemon necklace - Nike sneakers


"Paris is always a good idea" they said. Trust me, it is. And even more when it's last minute.
Let me introduce you my new jacket and shirt. I already wore them a lot since I bought them a few months ago! Simple and comfy but I think they're working good (and working good together, aswell). I bought the shirt when I was in Fuerteventura trying to anticipate winter!
Hey, I nearly forgot, let me introduce you my new haircut!! Do you like it? As I had the same haircut for almost ten years, I was really, really freaking out to go that shorter but I wanted a real change. Finally, I couldn't wish for a better haircut (Thanks to Clément at Adrien Coelho Premier Studio)!
Thanks for reading and stay tuned because I've got plenty of new plans coming very soon! xxx

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Anja Rubik shot by Lachlan Bailey for Vogue Paris Octobre 2014 
styling by Géraldine Saglio, hair by Damien Boissinot & makeup by Christelle Cocquet 

Pictures via fashiongonerogue.com

Okay, after this sunny weekend, the sky brought us back to reality today: shitty weather with hails. Ugh. This just made me realize I will jump into my cashmere sweaters and put several layers the next mornings. The pictures above show exactly what kind of outfit I would love to wear everyday from now! Knits, knits, knits! (means comfy, comfy, comfy, ha!). This editorial is not a brand new one but it hit my Instagram feed for days and then I forgot about it (but not really, I guess). I think now is the best moment to share it with you;) I love this team as Anja Rubik is one of my favourite (famous) model and Lachlan Bailey is an amazing photographer who is always inspiring me.