It's time for the big cleaning over here!!

It's been a little while since I started blogging now and some changes might be (really) good...
For me yes, but firstly for you!
I'll be back soon with plenty of new ideas and with good energy!

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I keep you posted!! xxx



The New York Times Style Magazine
Julia Bergshoeff @Ulla Models 
Photographer: Karim Sadli
Fashion editor/stylist: Jonathan Kaye

I've been folowing Julia Bergshoeff since a while now and I think she's a total stunner. Melt her beauty with one of the best photographers and a dreamy location: here is the result! I don't know about you but I just love this story! Of course I guess I had a special crush because of the beachy atmosphere and all. But it's so pure, fresh and easy going. Can we even say that for some pictures? Well, I do;) xx



Zara jumpsuit - Petit Bateau long sleeves t-shirt - Persol sunnies - Adidas x Topshop sneakers 


It's been a while since I wanted to put my hands on a pair of black sunnies. Last week, a friend of mine sent me a link in my mailbox saying "You should buy these sunnies, I think they would nicely suit you!". As sunnies is something I prefer to try before buying and as I don't have any patience at all for the return stuff etc, I went to the optician and tried three pairs. One pair directly suited me and it's the one you see on these pictures!
The shiny Superstars you see, I could make an entire post about them! I spent one hour (really!) in the shop hesitating and finally I'm very happy to be the owner of these glowy little things!! I think they give a non-boring touch to some of my basic outfits, and it makes all the difference.
To complete the circle, this jumpsuit is a real good-looking pajama! I'm kidding, but it's just comfy as a pj! Here I wore it with a long sleeve t-shirt under because it's still a bit cold and it's more decent to go to work, but I wore it before without any t-shirt under for a night out and it's still that comfy but with a sexy touch;)
Have a lovely day and thanks for reading! xx



Zara t-shirt - Vintage shorts and sunnies - Havaianas flipflops

I felt in love once again, with my favourite city! Two weeks ago I spent a long weekend in Barcelona! I've been there a few times now and every trip was different, in a positive way. Once again, I discovered new places and I literally can't wait to go back! Here is one of my outfits I wore on a beach day. I thought Sunday night was the perfect time for sharing this before starting a new week! xx



Sonya Gorelova shot by Miguel Reveriego
Fashion editor & stylist: Belen Antolin
Hair: Rita Marmor
Makeup: Serge Hodonou

Last weekend I flew to Spain for a few days (I'll tell you about my trip later on here). On my way back home I have this habit to buy the national Vogue and read it on the plane. The spanish Vogue this time was packed with the beach edition and for me it was too big and heavy to carry on the plane. I didn't want to bring this home. So on the first day back to Brussels I ran to the bookstore to buy the May issue. Unfortunately here we are always late so it wasn't there yet. I bought the April issue instead and this is where I found this oh-so-fresh editorial I forgot about! How could I? It's so perfect. The pictures directly brought me back to the beachy atmosphere! I love everything from the photography to the styling!!
Enjoy these images and have a nice rest of the day! xx



Zoe Karssen t-shirt - Stella McCartney shorts - Vans x & Other Stories - Victoria Beckham jumpsuit

I want to jump into these clothes right now! They look so comfy with being such nice. I admit this wish list is not as "summer tasted" as I expected, but these pieces are running through my mind since a while, of course! And once again I show you my never ending love for jumpsuits!!
Have a nice day! xx



ZoƩ Karssen sweater - Clio Goldbrenner clutch - Sansoeurs necklace - Vintage sunnies - Zara jacket - Essentiel pants - Adidas sneakers


Finally we have this dreamy weather!! I'm so happy, and even more as yesterday I took a day off to spend some quality time with my family who came to visit us for Easter! We spent the day in Bruges, I've never been to this city before so it was so nice to see something new. Talking about something new brings me to these two pieces I never showed you before, but I especially wear and love! The ones who follow me on social medias may already have seen this wonderful Clio clutch! This jumper, let me tell you, is so comfy and good looking at the same time, I couldn't ask for more! These stuff are so beautiful and practical I have to control myself to not wear them everyday!! xx