Topshop jeans, kimono and boots - Isabel Marant Etoile belt - Zoé Karssen sweater

I am totally torn between summer and autumn clothes. With all the September issues and their winter editorials, the FW14 campaigns everywhere, and this ironic weather we are lucky to have in Brussels I can't deny Autumn is on the corner. But on the other side, I can't let summer go. So, here is my August wishlist with pieces I would wear on different seasons. Since a few months now (yes, trust me, months) I'm on the seek of the perfect black belt. Isabel Marant did a really nice one here! You may have noticed that most of these clothes are from Topshop. Nothing dubious after my trip to Northern Ireland. I know I can buy this brand online but everytime I go there, I pay a visit to Topshop. I think I spent one hour and a half there when in Ireland two weeks ago, and I almost check their website everyday since I'm back in Belgium, oops!
Well, Trust me I won't wait a full month to fill in my September wishilst. I've already spotted some amazing clothes! Stay tuned;) xx

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Vintage hat - The Kooples leather jacket - Topshop t-shirt - Essentiel pants - Jonak boots - Sansoeurs lemon necklace & ring (left hand) - DédéeK bar necklace - Tiffany&Co ring (right hand)


Hi there! Here is an other outfit I wore in Northern Ireland. It was my last day and it was raining cats and dogs. No matter the rain, I enjoyed this day to the fullest spending some time with family, all together. What could I asked more before I head back to Brussels?
I don't often dress all in black but everytime I wear this kind of monorchrome outfit, i like it. And we all know the virtues of this colour, right?:)
Well, have a nice Sunday you walkers, I'll write you very soon! xx

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Pictures via Tumblr and Pinterest

Hi there! As I'm writing to you, I'm on the bus with destination Dublin airport where I'll take my flight back home. Already. I always want to stay longer when I come over Ireland.... I have to say, I had a very sweet time here. Now, time to go back to work for three weeks and then I'll be off again!!
Well, here are a few inspirational pictures of a hairstyle I always loved. I used to have this haircut when I was a child, maybe that's why I keep having long hair now, haha! I admit it's been a big while now since I have the same haircut. I like the fact that I can attach my hair if I want, make different hairstyles, etc... What about your hair? Are your more experimental? Do you have the same haircut since a while or do you like to change it often? Let me know;) xx



Vintage sunglasses - Islington shirt - Kris Van Assche t-shirt - Zara leggings - Nike sneakers - Tiffany&Co ring


Hi there! The ones who follow me on Instagram already know that I took a little holiday break to go and see family in Ireland. Everytime I come over here, I really like to relax. As I'm at the seaside, more precisely, I'm always in a different atmosphere from Brussels and it feels oh-so good. Well, on these pictures you can see what I wore for my first day here. Very comfy to drink some (several) cups of tea down in front of the sea, walks on the beach and precious family time. Some quality time is on my bucket list so stay tuned cause I'll share some of it here;) xx



Asos playsuit - vintage sunglasses - Sansoeurs lemon necklace - Dédéek bar necklace - Nixon watch - Sandro Bag - Isabel Marant sneakers


Haaa playsuits. I think it's my favourite thing in terms of clothes! For the little story, last weekend I was in Paris. As always before packing for an other country/city, I checked the weather: super high temperatures! I freaked out because I wanted to feel comfy (no, really?!) and nothing in my wardrobe satisfied me. So, I faced it, it was time to buy some new playsuit I could wear at anytime! I went on Asos.com and found two pretty ones that would surely suits me (no time for a return etc.) and here is one of these! It's SO comfy and everyone thinks it's a dress. It's a bit tricky isn't it?! I love it! Do you like wearing playsuits or are you more a dress girl? Tell me;)
Have a nice weekend you walkers xx



Cuisse de Grenouille sweater - Isabel Marant heels - & Other Stories key hanger - Petit bateau t-shirt - Alexander Wang bag

Heeey! Just in time you might say. And you're right. This is a late July wishilst but a July wishlist anyway haha! Okay, these pieces are running through my mind since I saw each of them. These pieces might be in my wardrobe soon, I guess! Simple and comfy ones, as usual for me. I would wear these pieces all together with a nice ripped boyfriend jeans, everyday!!
If you're reading this, I guess you like to surf on these pages so this time I'll ask you to write to me! Yes, I would like to have your advice about these monthly wishilsts: Do you like them? Would you prefer seasonal ones more than monthly? Let's talk about it in the comments, or contact me (infos just here on your right)! Would appreciate it a lot, I think feedback is more than important here for me to go ahead (better, I hope) and for you to enjoy your surf here to the max!
Thanks little walkers and anyway, if you want to contact me about anything else, just go for it;) xx



Petit Bateau x Satu Maaranen sweater - Vintage shorts - The Kooples leather jacket - Tiffany&Co ring

ShotbyMum - Editedbyme

Hello my readers! As you might already know, I spent my last weekend in France, at the seaside. I often go to this place since I'm a child. This place is a real paradise-on-earth. If you go there once, you don't have any other choice than go back. It's called Préfailles. Thanks to Lucie, a really good friend of mine, who invited me, I had the chance to see some old friends and spend some really, really good time! As we were there for only three days (took six different trains and a wait for countless hours, never go on a trip to France for the 14th of July!), I didn't took any outfit pictures. I admit I preferred to spend some lazy time on the beach or have a nice rosé around a table with my friends. Bad blogger. Or not. In fact, here is one of the outfit I wore for a night out there. It's exactly the same but taken in Brussels earlier today. To make you feel the good vibes from the seaside, I put some pictures from this place on the background. I bought this sweater a few months ago when the collab just hit the shops. I didn't really know how to match it and I thought as simple as the rest of the outfit is, the better it would be. So I put my comfy denim shorts and I like it pretty much!
Hope you like it, other stuff from there is on its way here! xx

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