Zoé Karssen sweater - Clio Goldbrenner clutch - Sansoeurs necklace - Vintage sunnies - Zara jacket - Essentiel pants - Adidas sneakers


Finally we have this dreamy weather!! I'm so happy, and even more as yesterday I took a day off to spend some quality time with my family who came to visit us for Easter! We spent the day in Bruges, I've never been to this city before so it was so nice to see something new. Talking about something new brings me to these two pieces I never showed you before, but I especially wear and love! The ones who follow me on social medias may already have seen this wonderful Clio clutch! This jumper, let me tell you, is so comfy and good looking at the same time, I couldn't ask for more! These stuff are so beautiful and practical I have to control myself to not wear them everyday!! xx



Edita Vilkeviciute for Sunday Telegraph 
Photography by Dan Martensen
Fashion by Clare Richardson

Would love to spend my weekend this way. Wake up, eat a watermelon on the beach and go for a surfing lesson (because yes, i'm still a beginner). Perfect life, isn't it? I felt for this editorial totaly by surprise while browsing on the net. As usual, I directly loved it and couldn't keep it for myself! Second time the model Edita Vikleviciute is appearing here, she's a stunner! xx

PS: Summer, if you didn't know, I'M (almost) READY!!



All the pictures are on my Pinterest (click to see)

Spring... Finally! What a bliss to have a blue sky and feel the sun warming on my skin! I literally cannot wait to have coffees on terraces and late dinners outside with just a comfy sweater. Winter is the season I like least, it's so cold, there is not so much daylight and the weather is always crappy that you can't do anything outside! I'm happy it's over and I'm more than ready to hit my favourites seaons now!! xx



Nike sneakers - Mansur Gavriel bucket bag - Nixon watch - Isabel Marant Etoile jacket - Sansoeurs earring - Rico Designs bracelets

I really appreciated the sweet weather we had the few last days and I couldn't resist to put some Spring/Summer stuff in this month's wish list! Light pink is a colour I definitely like and this bag is the perfect alternative for this season. As usually, I'm totally in love with all these pieces and would wear them all together with a light ripped jeans! What's on your wish list? Let's talk about it in the comments here below! xx




I had this idea for a very long time and this weekend I brought it to reality! For me it was really important to talk about something else than me here, and make you part of my surroundings!
For the first edit of this new category, "Style Talk", I couldn't introduce you a better person as she's been involved in my project since the very beginning. Excepting that Caroline is one of my best friends, she's a total style stunner! I like how she's always effortlessly dressed with always being feminine. That's not a surprise as Caroline is a community manager at Clio Goldbrenner so, style and trends is her routine! Let's have a style talk together!

What's your connection with fashion?
Fashion is omnipresent in my life as it's part of my work. I'm always seeking of upcoming collections from the brands I like.

If you had to fly to the other side of the world and bring only one piece of your wardrobe it would be...
My Reiko grey jeans in which I live 24H/24.

How do you get your outfits ready?
Actually I don't "prepare" them, I get dressed according to my mood. I love to mix classic clothes with casual or sporty pieces.

Where do you find inspiration for your style?
Mainly on Tumblr* and in the magazines.

Your best tips?
"Back to basics".

Hope you enjoyed this first Style Talk as much as we had fun to do it! Next Style Talk next month:) xx

*Check out hers, it's stunning!



Petit Bateau sweater - Clio Goldbrenner "Attis" clutch - Karl Marc John sweater & Other Stories dress - Zoe Karssen t-shirt shorts available at Kure 

Here we go again! Aren't these pieces all stunning? I love them!! I know there's already a taste of summer in this wishlist but how could I resist? There's all these beautiful spring summer collection everywhere. I cannot wear these clothes as it's freaking cold outside so I put them in my wishlist and save them for later;) Did you already spot some nice clothes for the next season? Have a nice weekend you walkers! xx



Karl Marc John parka - Mummy's marinière (also here and here) - Zara jeans - & Other Stories boots - Iro belt - Vintage beanie - Sansoeurs lemon necklace (also here, here, here and here)

ShotbyNell & Editedbyme

Finally I have some time to show you my new parter in crime. I literally never went out without it since I bought it a month ago, while in Paris. Yes, I'm talking about my black parka! It's SO comfy and warm. A few years ago I bought almost the same one in khaki, from the same great brand. I wore it a billion times so I wanted a little change, a basic but not that "basic". This is why I went for the black edition! Leeet me talk to you about these booties! I had them in my bucket list since the begining of the season when I saw them in store, then time flew and I never took the occasion to buy them. Then, I gathered up my courage (as I really don't like doing sales) and went to & Other Stories during my lunch break. Indeed, it was a good idea: I found these little booties, in my size, with a 70% discount!! What about you? Were you as lucky as me?;) xxx