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Heeey! Just in time you might say. And you're right. This is a late July wishilst but a July wishlist anyway haha! Okay, these pieces are running through my mind since I saw each of them. These pieces might be in my wardrobe soon, I guess! Simple and comfy ones, as usual for me. I would wear these pieces all together with a nice ripped boyfriend jeans, everyday!!
If you're reading this, I guess you like to surf on these pages so this time I'll ask you to write to me! Yes, I would like to have your advice about these monthly wishilsts: Do you like them? Would you prefer seasonal ones more than monthly? Let's talk about it in the comments, or contact me (infos just here on your right)! Would appreciate it a lot, I think feedback is more than important here for me to go ahead (better, I hope) and for you to enjoy your surf here to the max!
Thanks little walkers and anyway, if you want to contact me about anything else, just go for it;) xx



Petit Bateau x Satu Maaranen sweater - Vintage shorts - The Kooples leather jacket - Tiffany&Co ring

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Hello my readers! As you might already know, I spent my last weekend in France, at the seaside. I often go to this place since I'm a child. This place is a real paradise-on-earth. If you go there once, you don't have any other choice than go back. It's called Préfailles. Thanks to Lucie, a really good friend of mine, who invited me, I had the chance to see some old friends and spend some really, really good time! As we were there for only three days (took six different trains and a wait for countless hours, never go on a trip to France for the 14th of July!), I didn't took any outfit pictures. I admit I preferred to spend some lazy time on the beach or have a nice rosé around a table with my friends. Bad blogger. Or not. In fact, here is one of the outfit I wore for a night out there. It's exactly the same but taken in Brussels earlier today. To make you feel the good vibes from the seaside, I put some pictures from this place on the background. I bought this sweater a few months ago when the collab just hit the shops. I didn't really know how to match it and I thought as simple as the rest of the outfit is, the better it would be. So I put my comfy denim shorts and I like it pretty much!
Hope you like it, other stuff from there is on its way here! xx

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...I guess. I never really spent "work time" at the beach, only holiday but I'm sure it changes everything. The beach, the sand, the surf, the afterworks on the beach. Ahhh. You know what I'm talking about, right? With this lovely weather we have here in Brussels (ugh!!), I only think about my next trips planned for this summer, all at the beach! The atmosphere is always different than in the city, you have this feeling of freedom and everything turns possible. Yes I'm a big dreamer, and I love it! Well I leave in two days for a long weekend in France, in front of the beach, I'll let you know about this later;) For now I let you with these very inspirational pictures! What are your plans for this summer, little walkers? xx



T by Alexander Wang - Zara - Sandro - J. Crew

This is a really belated wishlist, I agree. You all know this crappy period of end of school which means exams, final works, stress and tiny nights of sleep. Now, all of this is done so I'm totally back here!
For this June wishlist I thought about what I really want and I found what I really miss in my wardrobe: dresses! But a certain kind of dresses, comfy and cutes ones! I mean, some dresses that could be perfectly worn at work with not being too strict. These can also be worn during hot summer days. I like them a lot and would love to wear them this summer!! Write you soon;) xx




Zara top - Stradivarius shorts - Birkenstock sandals - Sansoeurs lemon necklace & airco ring - DédéeK bar necklace - Nixon watch - Tiffany&Co double ring - Coralie de Seynes bracelet - Kiko nailpolish


Hello little walkers! Are you having a nice weekend? Mine is full of school work, ugh! Sure some of you are also on exams or stuff like that so, good luck! These picture were taken last weekend when it was really out here in town. There you can see my new purchase: the Birkenstock! I've already told you about my first sight of these shoes but let me refresh your memory. When I was scrolling the blogs I follow around a year ago, I (and probably you too) was overwhelmed by... the Birkenstock! I promised to myself that I would never give in to this trend. Because, between you and me, theses sandals are not the most aesthetic we can find. Time flew and I put my foot in one, two, three pairs of these and oh my God, it's so comfy!! Then, I received this silver August pair (that I still love)! So, last Friday, after work, I was window shopping and found this little pair. Too bad, there was only one pair in my size. I had to take them, definitely! And I definitely gave in to this trend... I hesitated a lot but it's definitely worth it as I already wore them alot. Do you own a pair of Birkenstock? What's your point of view? I want to know;) xx

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Heeeey there! It's time to celebrate here!!! Indeed, a year ago I decided to start this blog. It has been a little while since I thought about starting a blog but I wasn't sure of what I really wanted. One thing I was sure of was that I wanted to share my passion for fashion, clothes and trends with a bigger circle than my friends zone. Actually most of my friends were like "Oooh yes, just go for it!!" when I mentioned the fact I wanted to start this blog. So, on a Sunday morning, while scrolling my Bloglovin dashboard in bed, I started this adventure. If you're reading this, you know that I'm always open to new ideas and I always want to know what you would like to read here, so don't bother contacting me about this! 
Well, as you can see, it's not me on the pictures here above. Yeah, for the first year of this blog, I wanted to make it special. 

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Make it big my walkers, I write you soon! xx



South & Smith shirt - Stradivarius pants - Repetto richelieu - DédéeK necklace - Sansoeurs lemon necklace - Coralie de Seynes Paris bracelet - Nixon watch Tiffany&Co ring


I showed you my new shirt on Instagram earlier and here it is. It's been a long time I wanted to buy one but never took time to do it. Last weekend it happened and oooh I'm glad! Of course I choose it oversized to feel very comfy. I think it will be perfect for hot summer days with nice denim shorts! Plus, it's 100% cotton so it's really soft and great to wear. Do you like to buy some men's clothes? Me, I love it! Well, as I'm not always that feminine (only wearing heels when partying if I'm not too lazy), I didn't want to totally look like a boy with this combination (I mean pants and shirt) so I put some lipstick, my favourite new necklaces and my daily jewelry. Do you like it? Let me know! 
It's almost been a year since I started this blog so stay tuned because I will make it special;) xx