When I received this editorial in my mailbox at the agency, I directly felt in love with it! I love the naturalness and the quiet atmosphere that comes from these pictures. Usually, I'm not a really black&white lover but here it doesn't bother me, at all.
Working in a models agency gives me the opportunity to see amazing pictures and discover photographers everyday. I'm blessed for this.
Now, I let you have a look at these amazing photographs and spend your Sunday in the best way! Write you very soon xx

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Topshop coat - New Look scarf - Adam Lippes sweater - Dr Martens shoes - Sandro dress

I am sure most of you had already picked some awesome pieces from the sales. And you are lucky!! Unfortunately I am not really one of those. Actually, I don't really like doing sales. I don't like being in a rush, in a hurry or being in the crowd while I choose my new clothes. I mean, I almost only go shopping when I know what (and where) I want to buy new stuff. Plus, a few last experiences proved me I am really bad at it, my attention is always kept by the small "New Collection" corners... So, I made this selection of sales-clothes for you! Go girls!

Every year I tell myself that the next seasons I will only buy clothes during the sales. But I'm as bad as keeping my resolutions. Oops! What are your sales tips? How do you buy your clothes? Let me know;) xx

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You won't read any of my resolutions here. The thing is that every year I make a list (I love making lists, my friends always laugh to me about that!) of my resolutions for the year to come but I never keep them. This year I (almost) resisted and didn't do any resolutions. Okay, a few ones I'll hold for myself, and only me, so maybe I'll get a chance to make them real, finally.

What I want to share with you is what you'll see on the blog for the year to come. This is kind of a resolution, trying to stick to that canvas and make this blog the more completed I can, with all my heart! And why not having a feedback of what you would like to read, see or listen here*.

- First of all, I decided to create a new category. This will be a bit more different than what you're used to see here. This is for later, and I'm very excited to tell you more!!

- Because I have a special crush for fashion photography, every month you will see an editorial that inspires me. It can be an old or a new one but it will always be a story that made me dream at least for a bit.

- A few time ago I was in doubt with my wish lists and some of you told me I'd rather keep doing them because it inspired you and gave you some shopping ideas. I want you to feel like home here so I follow your advice and I will continue to do more wish lists.

- Do I have to mention the outfits? I like sharing my outfits with you. It push me to think a little bit more about how to match my clothes and I love it!

- Every now and then, you might also see inspirational posts. I mean, my first blogging experience began with my Tumblr. It's important to me to share this with you because I think it gives a "me" atmosphere to this blog.

- My love for travelling will also be well shared here. I still have to learn more about being abroad, working for the blog and having a holiday at the same time. I'm sure it will come soon;)

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Thanks for trusting me, it means the world to me ♡ xx

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COS scarf - Maje coat


Just in time... To wish you a very, happy everything!!
And to show you my new scarf I'm now stuck to. I put in on my December wishlist, and I must say that this last wishlist of the year is always the best one.... I mean, it's the month of all celebrations! First my birthday, then Christmas and then New Year's Eve. Yeah you got it, it's the month of being spoiled! And I've totally been treated like a Queen from all my beloved ones. Well, I've been spoiled with this very soft COS scarf from my sister! Anyway, I will show you my treasures later next year;)
I Wish you to have a real blast tonight and don't be too wise!!



Edita Vilkeviciute shot by Hasse Nielsen for Scandinavia SSAW Magazine

Hi there, I'm back in the game here with a very inspirational story I found a few says ago while checking Models.com. This is exactly the type of pictures I really, really fall in love with. They are simple but the light makes "everything" and it gives that amazing result. I'd rather practice my photography skills and be back to it asap! Do you like this editorial? What's your type of perfect pictures? xx



(From right to left)
Zara pants - Cos scarf - Etoile by Isabel Marant sweater - Jo malone candle - Lee x Filles à Papa sweater 

Hello Walkers! How was your weekend? I'm back here with this new wishlist, what do you think? As always, I'm craving for these pieces!! Want them in my wardrobe, now! Sweater weather is my favourite, it's sooo comfy! This said, haven't you noticed something different over here? Watch the linkbar. Yeees I had the surprised earlier today, my cousin changed the domain name of my blog. It's stunning, right? I love it!! Well, it's a big step but not the only one. Things are growing here so stay tuned... xx



(Click on the pictures to see the source)

Hi girls! How are you doing after this soooo beautiful weekend? I nearly felt as it was the end of winter already...  But well, we all know that cold days, christmas and winter is just around the corner now. While I started my seek for a new wrap coat I spotted these inspirational outfits. I think light grey is a very nice option for a winter coat. We're all used to wear dark colors for this season so this just might be the perfect piece to lighten up our everyday outfits! These long coats are litteraly making me want to wrap myself into them! What are your favourite winter pieces? Let me know;) xx