Levi's jacket (vintage) - Stradivarius shirt - H&M top - Sparlke&Fade leggings - Sansoeurs Lemon necklace - Nike sneakers


"Paris is always a good idea" they said. Trust me, it is. And even more when it's last minute.
Let me introduce you my new jacket and shirt. I already wore them a lot since I bought them a few months ago! Simple and comfy but I think they're working good (and working good together, aswell). I bought the shirt when I was in Fuerteventura trying to anticipate winter!
Hey, I nearly forgot, let me introduce you my new haircut!! Do you like it? As I had the same haircut for almost ten years, I was really, really freaking out to go that shorter but I wanted a real change. Finally, I couldn't wish for a better haircut (Thanks to Clément at Adrien Coelho Premier Studio)!
Thanks for reading and stay tuned because I've got plenty of new plans coming very soon! xxx

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Anja Rubik shot by Lachlan Bailey for Vogue Paris Octobre 2014 
styling by Géraldine Saglio, hair by Damien Boissinot & makeup by Christelle Cocquet 

Pictures via fashiongonerogue.com

Okay, after this sunny weekend, the sky brought us back to reality today: shitty weather with hails. Ugh. This just made me realize I will jump into my cashmere sweaters and put several layers the next mornings. The pictures above show exactly what kind of outfit I would love to wear everyday from now! Knits, knits, knits! (means comfy, comfy, comfy, ha!). This editorial is not a brand new one but it hit my Instagram feed for days and then I forgot about it (but not really, I guess). I think now is the best moment to share it with you;) I love this team as Anja Rubik is one of my favourite (famous) model and Lachlan Bailey is an amazing photographer who is always inspiring me.



Carven sweater - Stradivarius poncho and hat - Iro belt - Maje boots - Jérôme Dreyfuss bag

Well, oh well! Going on holiday at the very end of summer was the best idea I had this year. I mean, how is it so cold these days! Seriously? In the morning, the only clothes I want to put on are soft sweaters and big scarfs. Three weeks ago when I was in Corralejo I made a very quick shopping session to only one shop: Stradivarius (there is three big shops from Inditex in Corralejo and Stradivarius is my favourite one so I couldn't resist, ha!). As I was restricted by the weight of my luggage in the plane back home, I just went for basic shopping: two black t-shirts, two white ones and a plaid shirt! Anyway, I stared at this poncho for a few minutes thinking about how it will be very cosy to wear it in a few months. As the sun was burning and the temperatures were hitting the 30 degrees everyday at that time, I was very far from the idea that I would have loved to wear it less than a month later here in Belgium, now! Well, a little trip to France (no Stradivarius in Brussels) might be in my to-do list for the next weekend;)
I think I've been long today so I pass you the details about the other pieces up here. The title says everything, I want them all in my closet!
I write you soon with an outfit little walkers, stay tuned xx

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Vintage sunglasses - Sansoeurs necklace - Oysho bikini

Shotbyme (surfing pictures and the first one shot by Carlos)

Hiiiii there! I'm back in the game after a very well deserved break! In fact, I flew to the Canaries Islands for my summer holiday. I talked about my love for travelling a billion times here so I won't do it again... This trip was maybe my favourite one because I discovered a place I knew nothing about, a sport I (almost) never tried (and felt in love with it, literally!!) and met wonderful people! Seriously, I wish all my next trips will be as rewarding as this one. As you can see on the pictures, I took some surfing lessons. Everyday was a new challenge and I finally stand up after two days! Thanks to the Quiksilver Surf School Fuerteventura team!
No outfit pictures... Sorry! I took my camera but it stayed in my luggage for the whole week. I just enjoyed my journey to the most, really. And it.feels.so.good! Not that taking outfit picture is boring, not at all, it's just that I was always doing something and the sun went down quiet early in the evening (when it would have been nice to take some outfit pictures).
Anyway, how was your summer? Tell me! Where did you go?

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                                                                                                                              © Instagram @teclabcn

Acne jacket - Tecla Bcn clutch - Topshop boots - & Other Stories shorts - Isabel Marant sweater

I told you... Too many ideas are running through my head when talking about new clothes. So here's my September wishlist! Ah, September... This month full of new things. Fashion week is in full swing, school is just around the corner (if not already begun) and a new season is more than almost there. Do I need to go further? I think it's enough as excuses to buy some new clothes! I like this month as it's kind of an other New Year. It's a time of the year where I plan some things to be done and look at what I've done the months before. Well, for now with this northern weather, I plan to stay warm in pieces like these ones above. This jacket is in.my.mind.since.last.year, to me, the perfect one. Let me talk to you about this little Spanish brand (you know my love for whatever that brings fashion and Spain) I just discovered this week: Tecla Bcn. They propose different models of clutches where you can have your own initials on it. I have to say I cannot wait to see the FW14 collection and buy one for me! Shorts, shorts, shorts, I think it's a really nice alernative for the Winter, it's comfy and cute at the same time. And even more when paired with a bit knit sweater and little boots;)
What's on your wishlist for the next season? Let me know, I'm intrigued! xx

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Elixir Des Merveilles, Hermès


Gosh, I've never noticed that finding the right fragrance is such an adventure! I've always been used to fall for perfume i smell and like "at first sight" (or "at first smell", i should say). Well, I've been wearing Elixir Des Merveilles since two years and I must say that I still love it. A lot. But sometime I think it's nice to go for little changes. I explain myself... As you can see on the picture, my bottle is almost empty. So I thought it will be the right time to buy a new one. I went to a really nice shop just a few steps from my work where I was sure I could find the right and very "me" perfume. It's not a secret that I'm someone complicated at some time but, here, I swear I'm the most easy-going girl. Today it was the fifth time in a week I pushed the door of Senteurs d'Ailleurs. As the fourth time before, I left with two differents scents on my writs and still, it's not yet the one I'm looking for. Trust me, each fragrance sold in this shop is amazing and their sales assistants are even more fantastics. The same woman took care of me, each time, and has a powerful patience. I may go back in a few days, because I'm convinced that I'll find the "me" perfume very soon. Stay tuned, I promise I'll let you know, maybe I'll also pop a bottle of champagne, haha! What fragrance are you wearing? Do you have several ones? Tell me:) xx

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Topshop jeans, kimono and boots - Isabel Marant Etoile belt - Zoé Karssen sweater

I am totally torn between summer and autumn clothes. With all the September issues and their winter editorials, the FW14 campaigns everywhere, and this ironic weather we are lucky to have in Brussels I can't deny Autumn is on the corner. But on the other side, I can't let summer go. So, here is my August wishlist with pieces I would wear on different seasons. Since a few months now (yes, trust me, months) I'm on the seek of the perfect black belt. Isabel Marant did a really nice one here! You may have noticed that most of these clothes are from Topshop. Nothing dubious after my trip to Northern Ireland. I know I can buy this brand online but everytime I go there, I pay a visit to Topshop. I think I spent one hour and a half there when in Ireland two weeks ago, and I almost check their website everyday since I'm back in Belgium, oops!
Well, Trust me I won't wait a full month to fill in my September wishilst. I've already spotted some amazing clothes! Stay tuned;) xx

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