Petit Bateau t-shirt - Asics sneakers - Levi's denim jacket - T by Alexander Wang shorts - Penny skateboard

Here we are! Sorry I've been a bit longer to make my wishlist this time, no matter, we're still in April, right?
I think you guessed how my mood is these times, palmtrees, surf, beach... Thinking about a parallel life where afterwork would be spent at the beach, riding from work till there on a longboard. Or on a Penny! I'm wondering about buying a 22' one for when I'm traveling. It's so little you can even put it in a suitcase and still having some space! My only questioning is will my feet overtake from the board? I have little ones but, it's perturbing, haha! No, the thing is I really like the feeling I have with my longboard. Well, I will try it and let you know! For the rest of the wishlist, I could literally wear these pieces all summer!
What are your summer cravings? xx



Model Jessica Hart - Photography by Bjarne Jonasson - Styling  by Vanessa Bellugeon
for l'Officiel

Hi guys! Hope monster Monday didn't kill you;) Since i work at IMM (International Model Management) as an intern, I'm even more into the fashion's world. And oh I love it! I love it because everyday I learn news things about this world I was so curious (and I am still). An other part I love about working there is that I constantly discover new photographers. And I'm still amazed about their talent. Today I discovered this editorial while browsing on models.com. I directly thought I have to share it with you! Hope you like it as much as I do! xx

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Ray-Ban sunglasses - Stradivarius shirt - vintage shorts - Havaianas flipflops
Roxy wetsuit


Well, well, well... You ready? I might be very long this time! I've already told you about my adoration for travelling, my admiration for anything about surfing and my love for my friends. Here, all of this is reunited in one! So, I went to Barcelona for the fourth time and I can tell you I'll be back soon.
Last Friday I took the (delayed!!) plane with my friend Caroline to go for a little trip to that amazing city. We booked our trip a month ago so the wait was long but not that much. I was super excited (as always when I'm travelling) and super tired about the week of work and school but I let you guess which part took me;) So after we landed, waited for the bus and then the driver, we discover the flat we booked, no surprise, it was perfect! It was already 1am but "we are in Barcelona", it's only time for a before out here! I don't give you details about the night, you all know how it works haha!
Saturday morning was there very quickly, no snooze on my alarm clock, I woke up even before it rings, opened the window of my bedroom and... the beach was just in front of me. Bliss.
Shopping and beaching was on the program, no stress, just do nothing, walk around in these little streets.
Sunday was the best part of it, after meeting a local friend of mine, we had a nice breakfast all together and went to the Pukas Surf School where he works. I was stressed but super excited at the same time! This is where I had my first stand up paddle session!! If you go to Barcelona one day, it's definitely worth it, and very funny!! I liked it so much, no surprise, hey;)
Lying on the beach after this physical activity was perfect at that time. We did a few more things after that and it was already time to meet our driver again. Barceloneta --> airport --> Bruxhell.
I guess it was not really time to go back home as our driver was so nice and made a little detour to Montjuic on our way to the airport. I've never been to that spot before and, again, it's totally worth it!!
I think you understood, I love Barcelona as it's so complete. There is always something to do, a party to hit at any day of the week, shops are opened later and of course, there's the beach and its bars/cafés around. What I really appreciate aswell in Barcelona is the people's style you can't find anywhere else. No artifices but always right with that little piece that makes the difference. I can (very) easily imagine what kind of life I would have if I lived there. All of my friends tell me that I'm just very easy at falling in love with cities as long as it's not Brussels. This is quiet true, BUT, I'm especially falling for Barcelona!
Have you been to Barcelona? Do you like this city as much as I do? I'm curious to know;) xx



Hi girls! Sorry I've been a bit long between now and my last post, but I had the busiest/craziest week! Let me talk to you about the second part of it (first here). As I'm new in this bloggers world, I had my first press day last week and I couldn't have a better one. The Tan Dem team is so lovely! I had a look on the next fall/winter collections (and saw very beautiful pieces!!), had a few drinks, talked and met some great people. After that, Lise took time to meet us and explain us everything. It's always very interesting and nice to have such details about collections! I believe designers are also artists and we don't always think about what's behind our clothes! Well, I also had the chance to meet Tiany Kiriloff. She was so, so, nice to me and very kind. I am glad I met her as I think she's a real icon in this bloggers era! So, thanks Tan Dem for having me!
I write you very soon little walkers xx

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Wow... I think I just had the best afterwork of all times. Let's start at the beginning and the reason why I went downtown yesterday evening: the launch of the first capsule collection of Mosaert at Hunting and Collecting. Yes, it sounds familiar. And yes, it has a solid connection with Paul Van Haver and his team. And again, yes, Stromae. Well, to be honest I am not a pattern lover. Even though I was so curious to know more about this collection, stylist and clothes we've all seen on our screens around the globe! This launch was the best occasion to make a point and have my own opinion on it. 
So, Mosaert is to me a good project that perfectly matches with Stromae's world. This first capsule collection is compiled of four different patterns printed on polos and socks. For the moment, because we all know this belgian genius has ambition and he won't stop here. I tend to try to be sensitive to the countries of manufacture and it was a very great surprise when I read "made in Portugal" and "made in France" on the labels. A lot of positive points for a first collection leaded by... a f^%$*`! talented singer.
Personally, I was a bit sceptic about wearing these prints everyday... Still curious about everything, I tried a polo and it fitted so good, so comfy and even so flattering!
It's a unisex collection so don't bother buying one for you and your boyfriend/brother/friend because, trust me, you will wear them both;) 

I'm not done yet, I want to share with you the fact that I met and had a little talk with Stromae himself. No deception at all, he was so chilly and pleasant, took time to exchange a few words and answer our questions about the next collections! I'm not a belgian nationalist but i'm glad I can say when I'm abroad "You don't know Belgium? You see Stromae? This!" Cheers to him and his team because they're doing a really good job! xx

Find Mosaert on their website, here.
at Hunting and Collecting, Rue des Chartreux 17 - 1000 Bruxelles
and at Colette, Rue Saint Honoré 213 - 72001 Paris

PS: sorry pictures are not in the best res but i did my best with my phone!



Essentiel cap - Maje coat - Mum's marinière - Stradivarius pants - Nike sneakers


Heeey you! What's up? I am over-tired as I'm writing to you now. Indeed, I spent my weekend in Lille, France, where I joined one of my bestfriends I didn't see for (you ready?) two.years.and.a.half! I can tell you I have hard abs as iron now, I laughed non stop all the weekend!! Trust me, the distance didn't break anything, I had the impression I saw her just the day before! Well, I didn't take any outfit pictures or whathever else with my camera over there because I just wanted to enjoy the moment to the fullest. I did. Do you have lots of friends abroad? Not always an easy game isn't it?!
So the outfit you see here above is from last weekend but I guess you don't mind:) I write you soon!! xx



Vintage hat - The Kooples leather jacket - Essentiel t-shirt - Sansoeurs rings - Nixon watch - Coralie de Seynes bracelet - Seven for All Mankind jeans - Isabel Marant sneakers


Hi there! How was your weekend? Mine was really peaceful. With this I mean no party, a lot of sleep and quality time spent with family and friends. As you might guess, I began an internship in a (superduper) model agency which means that, for a month and a half now, I'm back to a normal rhythm. It's really keeping me in a constant good mood but sometimes, when I wake up on Friday morning I can't have an other thought than "paa-a-aaarteeey" "Tomorrow, no alarm clock!". So I really needed a quiet weekend like this and it was oh-so good.
Anyway!! I have the bad (good?) habit of buying clothes and don't wearing them knowing they will be perfect at a specific time/day/occasion. This jeans is the perfect example... Can't even remember when I bought it to be honest. Last weekend, while freaking out about what I was going to wear to go out at night (sure you know what i'm talking about;)), I found this little jeans in my wardrobe and directly had the idea of ripping it a bit and roll it on my ankles. So here it is! Now I have my own model of this pair of jeans! What about you? Do you like DIY your clothes?
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I write you very soon so stay tuned!!